Accomplished Poet Joey Salomone Announces New Poetry Book, Drop of Atom

Kansas City, MO- Joey Salomone, a local poet, has announced the release of his second collection of poems, drop of atom. A passionately written work that takes readers on an enriching poetic journey, Salomone’s latest release speaks to the heart of human emotions felt in modern society during the COVID-19 pandemic, including those related to love, mental health and loss of hope.

Salomone’s work reflects over 20 years of writing experience, which includes stylistically diverse writing and prose brimming with raw emotion. His use of highly relatable narrative captures the minds and hearts of readers, guiding them through an emotional, spiritual, and thrilling intersection of the metaphysical and the tangible. Readers will encounter the fantastical (ogres and pharaohs), the earthly (sunflowers and falling snow), and everything in between on every page.

“I am delighted to announce the release of atom drop,remarked poet Joey Salomone. “For my second published work, I decide to put together a collection of poems that will take readers on a journey brimming with messages of hope and love, change and politics, sanity and dreams, and a variety of ‘other topics, including working in health care,’ he added.

drop of atom follows in the footsteps of Salomone’s initial collection of works, zero percent of somethingwhich was released in 2020 to critical acclaim for playing with the idea of ​​language, using thoughtful prose to tackle themes of politics, religion and love, and for unraveling delicate human emotions and finding a balance between weird and happy, lonely and contained, sexual and lost.

drop of atom, a collection of poems by Joey Salomone, is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle digital format. For more information, click here please.

About the Author

Joey Salomone is a poet from Kansas City, Missouri. He developed a passion for writing and poetry at a young age and continued to develop his skills through high school and college. Salomone graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting and a minor in creative writing before returning to Kansas City to write independent films, teach high school English and obtain his paramedic license before embarking on a nursing school. He now practices as a nurse at a local Kansas City hospital and continues to read, write and publish.

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