Agents Submit Fake Research Papers for Active Teaching Post in Kerala | Kerala News



Thiruvananthapuram: Some publishers are active in Kerala and offer research papers and publications to college teaching staff to help them get a professorship with retrospective effect from 2018.

Publishers became active after the creation of faculty positions in state colleges of arts and sciences. One of the qualifications to become a professor is to have at least 10 research articles published in recognized journals. The standard, which came into effect in 2019, has prevented many faculty members from being promoted to professors.

To solve the problem, the editors propose to publish “research papers” in journals published as little as three years ago. A Delhi-based publisher is the first establishment making the offer.

We learn that the publisher is contacting faculty members via email, promising research papers and “certificates” to show they were published three years ago. To publish articles retrospectively, the fee is Rs 50,000, which will increase further if the faculty member also wishes a thesis in their name.

While the director of education assigns the professorship in public colleges, the responsibility for appointments to subsidized colleges rests with the relevant university.

The government has so far extended the deadline for submitting applications for the professorship three times. The final deadline will end on October 30 amid complaints that extensions have been granted to help faculty members publish their articles.

The state has around 150 eligible applicants who could be promoted to professors. Meanwhile, the Save University campaign committee asked the Minister of Higher Education that only articles published in publications recognized by the UGC be considered when appointing professors.


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