Arms Akimbo, the only band stupid enough to make a TV show


Today, LA indie rock band Arms Akimbo talks about creating a TV show around their upcoming album and how that experience rejuvenated the group in their darkest moment. Released now, the intimate and smoldering new single “Make My Bed” arrives today as the third release from Arms Akimbo’s upcoming debut album, “East LA ETC”.
“’Make My Bed’ is a perfect heartbreaker on all the little mistakes you can make that lead to a breakup,” says Peter Schrupp’s Arms Akimbo Atwood Review. “Things like forgetting an important date, not making the effort to clean up for your partner or any number of omissions faults, and how those mistakes can result in something bigger than an event.”
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Oh how could I forget again
I knew you were coming
But I forgot to make my bed
Oh how could I let it slip from my mind
See I got you something better
But it’s shipped overnight

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Arms Akimbo, the only band stupid enough to make a TV show

by Peter Schrupp, Arms Akimbo

WIs it even more of a group? That was one of the many questions we asked ourselves in early 2021 when we reassessed ours. People may be completely unaware that even though group meetings consist of discussions about tours, merchandise giveaways, “digital marketing” (whatever that means) and many other mundane business topics. But the truth is, no one will care about your music unless they care about you.

In the wake of the 2020 mess, Arms Akimbo as a group has really taken a step forward.

Here are some key pieces of the story you need to know before getting into the thick of it. Since 2015 we have been a road dog group rooted in a solid live performance and our bloody history, just like most other people, included a canceled US tour, the departure of a key member of the group to continue their own project, and our bassist Colin moved from Los Angeles to Richmond, Virginia. Just like that, we went from 4 band members in a two house in LA and one member living in three time zones, with no upcoming shows or means to play.

The fun thing about adversity is that the feeling of hopelessness inspires creativity. Suddenly the worst possible outcomes seem pretty trivial and we found ourselves on a new path loaded with deep conversations that led to the previous question: what is a band? For us, it was always the teenage, romantic idea of ​​a bunch of white boys in a van. We had to redefine this concept and I have to say that despite all our fears it was a refreshing conquest!

Akimbo Weapons © 2021
Akimbo Weapons © 2021

After gathering all our material (i.e. songs that we haven’t released since 2018), we noticed a nice little trend. All of our tracks seemed to fall into one of three categories.

  1. Folk songs
  2. Pop songs
  3. Rock songs

That’s cool… Maybe we’d release some EPs or something. And then, as I procrastinated and watched Ted Lasso for the second time, I noticed how aesthetically pleased I was with the Apple TV subtitles and immediately called my drummer and shouted: “We should do a TV show! “ And we started spitting on the premise that we would make a 12 song record with 12 minute clips. Each video would be a narrative continuation of the previous one, and each genre group would be its own season of the show. We put together a creative team led by our friend, director Will Houlihan (Hot Ones), and figured out how to film and create a TV show around our album.

Mind you, this is an album we haven’t even RECORDED yet. But since we started the project, we’ve recorded all the songs, shot video clips on demos, and released every song every month. This complete revolution has totally reinvigorated our group, and we are so proud of the work that has come out of some of our darkest times.

We have since released two songs / videos, a Halloween special and we are close to wrapping up East LA ETC Season 1 with our new single, “Make My Bed”. “Make My Bed” is a delight to release because when the folk section of the album comes out, we start to incorporate new pop and electronic elements. This album has a wider scope than any of our previous releases, including a production feature by our EDM producer friend Starbuck, as well as mandolin and violin performances by Aaron Jorgensen and Rebecca Augustine respectively. . This album is a barrage of firsts for us. The first time we’ve ever performed on our own. The first time we had other artists outside the band on our records. The first of many future successes.

So what is a group? That was the original question. For us right now, it’s a creative collective – a bunch of people who do everything from songwriting and performance, to filming a TV series and artistic conception. Anyway, I know last year we felt our legs slip away and now we’re making music that we’ve never been more proud of. We work with our best friends and above all we smile a lot. And to everyone following our journey, we hope to put a smile on your face as well.

As we approach the end of year / season 1 of our show, we are actively working on both the music and videos for Season 2. Season 2 is the craziest music we’ve ever made…

Oh how could I lose track of time
I can have you in a minute
Or i will pick you up tonight
Oh how you know him again
I mean I knew you were nice too
I had no idea to what extent
I saw you on the front line
you left me for dead again
I saw you on the other side
I knew we were better than … that
Oh how could I let my finger slide
I missed it with a letter
I won’t call you anymore

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Make my bed - Arms Akimbo

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