Biden’s inaugural poet Amanda Gorman publishes New Year’s poem


President BidenJoe BidenBiden Lawmakers Mourn Harry Reid 29% of GOP Support Efforts to Indict Jan 6 Rioters Charged: Poll Congress Must Meet Time to Hold Big Pharma to Account MOREAmanda Gorman’s inaugural poet published a poem based on the New Year.

In collaboration with Instagram, Gorman released her new poem “New Day’s Lyric” on Wednesday, in which she reflects on the year 2021 and looks to 2022.

“Come on, look with kindness, for even comfort can come from grief,” Gorman wrote. “We remember, not just for the sake of yesterday, but to face tomorrow.”

“We listen to this old spirit, In the words of a new day, In our hearts we hear it: For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne,” Gorman said. “Be bold, sing the time this year, be bold, sing the time, for when you honor yesterday you will find tomorrow. Know what we have fought Is not to be forgotten or for anyone.

“It defines us, binds us as one, come on, join this day that has just started. For wherever we meet, we will overcome forever,” concluded Gorman.

Gorman, from Los Angeles, became a household name earlier this year, being the youngest person to recite a poem during a U.S. presidential inauguration, reciting his poem “The Hill We Climb” after Biden and the vice-president President Harris were sworn in.

In an interview with Vanity Fair published wednesday, the 23-year-old poet said she felt “lucky” to partner with Instagram on a project like this.

“I can’t wait to work with Instagram because part of what inspired me to write this New Year’s poem was thinking about the stories and stories I have seen shared over the past two years, which he it’s about coming to terms with grief, loss, social change, climate change, ”Gorman told Vanity Fair. “And so, a lot of these stories, I think, we interact or meet on social media.”


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