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Bangalore: Bangalore Students Accumulate Places In Top Universities In The World, Foreign Universities Early Decision Placement (ED) Results Show. From Stanford to Brown and Johns Hopkins to Imperial College London, they have received offers from various institutions. Admissions to the ED are binding for students. Those who opt for this cannot opt ​​out of the process once admitted to a university.
Sachin Singh, a student at Inventure Academy, will join Stanford University next year. “I have yet to decide on the major, but it will be a cross between science, politics and literature. My interests are broad and that’s why a school like Stanford is the right fit for me. They emphasize interdisciplinary education. My willingness to explore the sciences and humanities helped my application stand out, ”Singh said.
Counselors point out that with the school assessment test (SAT) scores becoming optional, testing has grown in importance like never before.
“In my essay, I explained how I enjoy writing and how I developed the writing process over time. Personality wise, I showed how fun and light I was. The university as a whole has an optimistic culture… The most important thing that many people lack is to be sympathetic, rather than bragging about one’s accomplishments. Stanford is looking for imperfect humans, people who are willing to admit their mistakes… ”Singh said.
Honesty the best policy
Chhavi Nahata of Mallya Aditi International will be majoring in English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing or Psychology at Stanford. Bharatanatyam and ballet dancer, Chhavi also uploaded a seven minute video of her performance with her essays. As a writer, Chhavi enjoyed the 12 essays she had to write for Stanford. “I tried to be as honest as possible,” she said of her essays, adding that the one she wrote for all the colleges she applied to was called Metaphors of Love, in which she compiled many examples from her life and linked them to love. .
Indus International student Pratibha Pradeep traveled to Johns Hopkins University for Biomedical Engineering. “While I loved physics, chemistry, math and biology, I could never make up my mind on which subject to choose. Biomedical engineering was, in fact, a marriage of all these subjects, ”said the 17-year-old.
Pratibha said in her essay that she combined her experience growing up in India and the health care system here. “I wrote about my childhood and how a dengue epidemic affected communities. I linked this to my growing interest in diseases, cures and vaccinations and it led me to biomedical engineering, where various subjects are integrated to solve different problems … ”
Mallya Aditi International said her students have successfully attended Stanford, Brown, Duke, Imperial College and Georgetown universities, among others.
“Unlike the last cohort, where a large number of students aspired to join US universities, this time around we are also seeing an equal number for the UK. We want to believe that this is due to the evolution of the policies of the two countries and the proximity to the house … ”, declared Kalai Selvi, principal of the school Vidyashilp Academy.
Among the 15 ED offers, one of the students has also completed her interview for the University of Cambridge, the results of which will be known by January. “While students who choose US universities are flexible about the courses they want to take, those who apply to UK universities are very confident in their specializations,” Selvi noted.
Uma Ravitharan, Principal of Indus International High School, said: “The SAT has become optional. So the only real picture that colleges could get of students was through their essays. “


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