BOOKS: Former ND players describe an unforgettable season | Books & Literature


Jane Ammeson, Times correspondent

It didn’t take long for Notre Dame senior defensive callers Reed Gregory (No.50) and John Mahoney (No.25) to say yes when then-defensive back coach Terry Joseph, asked them if they wanted to write about what was most likely to remain the most unique period in school football history.

The two, both members of the Class of 2021, were on the sidelines signaling during practice, Mahoney recalls, when they looked at each other and asked, “Do we really want to do this?”

They did indeed. After spending the spring and summer writing, their book “History Through the Headsets: Inside Notre Dame’s Playoff Run during the Crazyest Season in College Football History” (Triumph Books $ 26.95) has just been released, during a much healthier season.

Neither was a major in English – Mahoney majored in finance and history and now works as a management consultant in Minneapolis, and Gregory, a major in economics with minors in Russian and digital marketing, now working in wealth management in New York. Yet they knew what to do.

“Once we talked and decided that was what we wanted to do, we went to the bookstore and looked up every sports book for the publisher’s name, then reached out to everyone we wanted to do. we could, ”said Gregory. They chose Triumph Books, a Chicago publishing house.

Then comes the writing part. It was also easier than they thought.

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