Carmen Mola: The thriller writer awarded the biggest cash prize in literature turns out to be three men


Carmen Mola, the pseudonym Spanish crime thriller writer, turned out to be three middle-aged men.

Agustín Martínez, Jorge Díaz and Antonio Mercero have revealed their identities by receiving the Planeta 2021 Prize and a check for € 1million (£ 843,488).

The group of men won the award for a book titled The beast, which is a historical thriller set during the cholera epidemic in 1834.

In an interview with a Spanish newspaper El Pais, Mercero claimed that men “don’t hide behind a woman, we hide behind a name”.

“I don’t know if a female pseudonym would sell more than a male pseudonym, I have no idea, but I doubt it,” he added.

The three men worked as screenwriters under their real names before writing together under the pseudonym Carmen Mola.

They have already worked on the television series Central hospital and Go blind.

According to Financial Times, Diaz said: “Carmen Mola is not, like all the lies we have told, a university professor. “

“We are three friends who, one day, four years ago, decided to combine our talents to tell a story,” he said after winning the award.

Carmen Mola has been described by male publishers, Penguin Random House, as the pseudonym of a woman writer born in Madrid. Mola has also been described as a mother of three in her 40s, who worked as a teacher while writing crime thrillers in her spare time.

Mola had also been interviewed by the press, and a photo on her editor’s website showed a woman with her back to the camera who was identified as Mola.

So far, three Mola books have collectively sold over 200,000 copies. The books have also been translated into 11 languages ​​and are being adapted for television by Viacom CBS International Studios.

A new novel, The beast, is expected to be released as Mola next month.

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