Carrigallen author publishes short stories and poetry books


Kevin McManus of Carrigallen has published six novels since he started writing in 2016. This month he published two new books, “The Stillness of Lakes” which is a short story anthology and “The Hawthorn Tree” which is his second collection of poetry. .

“The Hawthorn Tree” is published by Lapwing Press. The Belfast-based publishing house, founded by Dennis and Rene Grieg, has been publishing poetry collections for almost forty years and specializes in innovative poetry.

Some of the well-known poets they have published over the years include Tony Baile, Jean O’Brien, and Hugh McFadden. Kevin McManus was delighted to have been selected for publication by Lapwing.

The short story collection, “The Stillness of Lakes” is a compilation of writings Kevin has worked on over the past six years. All of his stories are rooted in the rural landscapes of the west of Ireland.

The author is probably best known for his detective novels which include the popular Ray Logue and John Morrigan series of novels, but he appreciated the diversion to more literary fiction in his current collection of short stories.

“The Stillness of Lakes” and “The Hawthorn Tree” are available in the Carrick-on-Shannon Reading Room and in paperback and eBook formats from Amazon.

In the dark days of December
On a gloomy December morning,
the sky was damp and heavy with clouds,
the branches hung low and draped themselves towards the gray water,
a black tweed cap was perched on the ash tree,
the grass was flat and flat,
it has been bleached by frost,
the moon was still up,
his crescent partially hidden behind a cloud as he was gone eight,
thoughts were centered on the days to come and not on the here and now,
faces turned to earth as we waited,
as we waited for the dark days of December.


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