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By Slim Randles

Here, Alphonse Wilson, jokes celebrating a beautiful day with poetry. Yes sir. I thought I’d do some poetry today just to see if you’re in the mood. Well if you’re not in the mood I guess you could go make a cup of coffee or something and wait for me to finish but it would hurt me to feel like exponential and you’re not. not the type of person to do that, is that you?

It’s true. So Windy, you might be wondering, how do you go about writing a poem? You were? Good. It’s really not that hard, you know. You just have to put yourself in an artistic mood. You know, like the Dutch masters did before they died and were turned into thugs. You start out pretty easy and think of lilies, daffodils, and fluffy clouds that could turn into a storm one day. Then you take a look that a puppy gives you… one of them seems to like it right before throwing up on the mat. This is how you do it. Then you just get a pencil and a piece of paper and go for it.

So here is my poem for today. I call it Alphonse Wilson’s Circulational Quandary. But I still go through Windy, a course.

I wandered alone like a heart

Who sends my corpuscles in the waiting veins

And all the power to pump blood

I couldn’t hold their reins.

Daring rider, you will never, ever be able to smooch

Lady Fair on the mouth.

No I tell you the opponents

Or keep rolling south

Oh beats my heart with laughter

To the guilds of the corporations,

I now want to drink

A pack of six good foams

And even if you come out bleeding

And need a transfusion solution

It sure beats the hell of weeding

The garden here in the sticks.

Well, there it is… do you feel transformed? Me too.


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