Credit for one month how can I get it

Sometimes a financial bottleneck only has to be compensated for a short period of time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to take out a loan, because in most cases the minimum term is 12 months. Of course, a short-term loan with this term can be taken out and repaid in full after four weeks, but then a prepayment penalty is due, which makes the loan more expensive. However, this is not a real option. But there are other ways to get money in the short term.

One month loan – Via the overdraft facility

One month loan - Via the overdraft facility

Most account holders have a credit facility on their checking account. This is the amount of funds over which you can overdraw your account. However, the use of this credit limit costs interest in the double-digit range. Therefore, the use is only recommended for a short period. For a period of one month, however, this would be an alternative, provided the amount of the overdraft facility is sufficient to cover the financial bottleneck.

Borrow money privately

Borrow money privately

Another option would be to borrow the money you need from friends or relatives. Of course, that depends on the amount. Not everyone has the same amount of money that they can lend at short notice. Another way would be the internet platform Nice Bank. These are private individuals who grant loans, even at short notice. The loan seeker determines the interest rate himself. If the interest rate offer is interesting, a short-term loan for one month can be made. Formalities must also be completed here. After all, the members of Nice Bank don’t want to take any risks either. A solid income and no negative creditworthiness are the most important prerequisites for a loan for a month.

These are the only ways to get a month’s loan. Because, as already mentioned, the minimum term for a conventional instant loan is 12 months. Entering into such a loan agreement would be the very last option, but it is not recommended.

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