Daisie’s poetry takes Boris Johnson to task

University of Wolverhampton graduate Daisie Lane now has a book

Daisie Lane, who has been writing since she was a teenager, is thrilled to publish her first book later this year.

Mother-of-one Daisie, a 30-year-old part-time technical engineer from Wolverhampton, wrote her children’s poem ‘And my belly, mummy?’ after the birth of her daughter, Lily, in June 2020

Daisie suffered from postnatal depression and began writing about motherhood and the difficulties she faced, such as mental health.

She said: “I’m really excited to have my book published later this year.

“I’ve been writing poetry since I was a teenager.

“It was just a hobby and it wasn’t until I became a mum that I felt inspired to write about it in particular.

“I graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a degree in English and have always loved writing. It has always been my dream to publish a book and it will be something I can show my little girl when she is older.

“I’m also amazed that a recent poem I wrote about the Prime Minister’s lockdown and rule-breaking went viral online. It had over 40,000 shares on Facebook in just 24 hours and was seen 1000’s of times on Instagram and Twitter I didn’t send it to Boris Johnson despite people saying I should let him see the poem.

In the poem, Daisie, who posts on Instagram as @daisielanewrites, hits out at Boris Johnson for breaking the rules when she couldn’t see her loved ones when she needed them most afterwards. the birth of her child.

Dear Prime Minister Your apologies are empty I needed ten minutes In June 2020

Sleep deprived, in shock and scared of the unknown, I had just had a baby and was forced alone

My husband was evicted Barely a minute Left pacing at home Not allowed to visit

Not even ten minutes In that precious first week With his tiny new girl Premature and weak

What I would have given For someone to stay For just ten minutes of rest To keep the delirium at bay

Ten minutes could have saved me from sinking so far into a hollow I didn’t know existed and my mind still bears scars.

I had become a mother, but I needed mine A hug from her in person rather than on the phone

To meet her first grandchild, she would have been content with ten minutes instead of waiting months to obey restrictions and limits

We did it Prime Minister To protect our NHS Stayed at home to save lives While you couldn’t care less

Your ten minutes Prime Minister was yours for the taking You had more than FaceTime As our hearts broke

Ten minutes for a mother Insomnia and crying Ten minutes to hold hands With those who lay dying

You partied and drank and clapped while we lost ours You gave us the rules Of your hypocritical throne

And so, Prime Minister Happy Birthday I hope your ten minutes were worth it From the nation -…. … .

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