Dea Divi presents a collection of poetry to stir readers’ memories

Stir memories related to time, culture and society

Dea Divi is thrilled to announce her poetry collection titled “Weaved Memories Through Time”. The poetry collection is designed to stir the memories of time, culture and society woven into the human subconscious. The poems are creatively written in a way that raises questions in the minds of readers and cultivates the ambiguity of spoken words to create memories of the past, present and future of self. The collection explores the theme of mystery, allowing readers to connect deeply with themselves by zooming in on different memories.

Weaved Memories Through Time is a powerful imaginative weapon that pierces the mind and spirit of oneself. It allows readers to awaken their awareness to their own nature, reflect deeply on the past, and create a picture of the present and the future that they desire. Woven into the poems are cryptic lines that reveal deep meanings when thought about. The collection of poetry is a journey into mystery and an exploration of the human unconscious. It reveals the power of the mind and its ability to bring about change in one’s life through memories.

The poet, Dea Divi, is a multi-talented author and screenwriter of short stories, short stories, novels, films and web series. So far she has written on a wide variety of genres including fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, mystery, action, crime, romance, and more. She is widely known for her creative ability to artistically weave influences from around the world into her craft, defining a level of professionalism and confidence.

“As a poet, author, and screenwriter, my service is to attract, entertain, inform, and persuade through the written word of self. The book, Weaved Memories Through Time, is an art form, a work of art and a work of art designed for oneself in their nature that propels from the fascination of life itself.A connection with the ability to remember is heavy, as it focuses on examining memories and like a tapestry as we go through life.As a poet, my words carry the spiritual essence of my heart of multiple interpretations for everyone to see what they desire. Are you on the path to seeing the memories woven through time within yourself?” says Dea Divi.

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