Delta variant of the Moderna vaccine: 76% efficacy



The Moderna vaccine is 76% effective against this highly contagious variant, according to a recent study.

HOUSTON – As for the Delta variant, some COVID vaccines may work better than others.

Connect the dots.

According to two new reports awaiting peer review, the Moderna vaccine appears to work better against the delta variant of the coronavirus than the Pfizer vaccine.

The first study involved patients from the Mayo Clinic. He found that in early 2021, the Pfizer vaccine was 76% effective in preventing infection, but when Delta took over in July, that effectiveness fell to 42%. During the same period, Moderna went from 86% efficiency to 76%.

Stronger immune response

A Canadian study looked at elderly residents of nursing homes. He found that they produced a strong immune response after the Moderna vaccine compared to the Pfizer vaccine. The researchers behind this study said the results show that older people will either need higher doses or a booster.

More infections after five months

We also have an idea of ​​how long the vaccine will last. In research in Israel, people were more likely to test positive for COVID-19 five months after being fully vaccinated with Pfizer than people who were vaccinated in less time.

The CEO of Pfizer said a recall may be needed.

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