Ditch literature, history books and embrace the hustle and bustle of start-ups: CEOs


A world-famous CEO on Tuesday called on world leaders to ditch literature and history books in schools and colleges in favor of teaching startup operations, technological innovations and overall profitability.

The British tycoon insisted that the perfect combination of applied science and business would teach teenagers how to hit industry with scientific innovation and grow their business to make huge profits.

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“You want to be part of those 0.00000000001 percent who own more than 60 percent of the economic pie,” he said. “Motivation is a divine gift, but the culture of agile work is being built. Remember, those who invest in the wealth of others through innovative start-ups are the ones who are successful. It’s time for world leaders to prepare our children for the future! “

He also said that most people are lazy and use their brains for the imagination without taking action. “Not everyone who has ‘MS Excelle’ in the tech industry has enough time to read or practice literature. The richest people on the planet are investors, shareholders in tech giants, and online business owners. Apart from our own country’s own JK Rowling of whom we are not very proud, there is not an author or literary man who has made a fortune, “he wrote in his tweet.

“Those who read the story hold a grudge, and those who read the literature are mad and depressed – there, I said it,” added the scientist. “The way to go is commerce, eh?” “

When a Twitter user asked if his focus on start-ups and investing had anything to do with his investment in a certain company that is currently on life support in Chapasthan, the guru replied that the question simply ignored his advice to ignore the story and quickly blocked the user.

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