Elon University / Today at Elon / Mark Weaver publishes an article with Lumen researcher Sarah Austin ’22

Austin and Weaver co-authored a manuscript published in The North Carolina Journal of Mathematics and Statistics that describes Austin’s Lumen research.

Sarah Austin, 22, honorary scholar and 2020 recipient of Elon’s prestigious Lumen Prize, and assistant professor of statistics Mark Weaver co-authored a manuscript that recently appeared in the North Carolina Journal of Mathematics and Statistics. The journal is published by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

In their article,Association between exposure to fire-related particles and childhood asthma in Peru: a burden of disease assessmentAustin and Weaver applied a novel epidemiological approach to explore the association between particulates resulting from increased fires in the Peruvian Amazon and the incidence of asthma in children living in the region. This modeling approach combines geospatial raster data, which is data presented in a uniform grid over an entire region or country, with data from other sources, including meta-analyses and models. disease burden. The results of the disease burden assessment suggest that the increase in fires in recent years has resulted in up to 15,000 additional cases of asthma among Peruvian children.

Austin previously presented his research in Spring 2022 at the National Undergraduate Research Conference and Elon’s SURF Day. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Analytical Science at North Carolina State University.

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