Environmental Essay in English | world environment day 2022

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Environment Essay in English – Environment consists of all living beings that are present on this Earth. It includes organisms living on land, in air, in water, etc. Earth is the only planet in the solar system that supports life. That’s it environment which acts as a blanket to keep the Earth sound ecosystem.

Environmental Essay in English – Importance of Environment

Environment is the reason for the existence of life on Earth. It plays an essential role in keeping living things healthy. The ecological balance of the planet is controlled thanks to the environment. The maintenance of the different cycles of life on Earth is also maintained by the environment. The beauty of the landscapes that our eyes love to contemplate is also part of the environment.

English Environmental Essay – Environmental Benefits

There are countless benefits associated with environment. From forests and trees to animals, water and air, the environment contains everything. The whole balance of the ecosystem is maintained by the environment. For example, forests purify the air, regulate rainfall, reduce the risk of flooding, bless the beauty of landscapes and maintain a balance.

The culture and quality of life are maintained by the environment. For example, water that is part of the environment is another basic need for survival. The natural cycles that occur daily depend to a large extent on water. Basically, each component of the environment benefits the living beings of this planet. It has helped us prosper and grow for thousands of years.

Environmental hazards

The environment offers us countless benefits that we cannot repay. But in recent years, human activities have been the major cause of environmental degradation. Pollution of land, air, soil and water harms our environment. Unsustainable lifestyles such as faulty environmental policies, use of chemicals, release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere leading to global warming, ozone layer depletion, etc., are dangerous activities that must be stopped immediately.

The increase in population has also led to increased pressure on the Earth’s natural resources. This results in causing disasters in an unnatural form. Rapidly growing unsustainable activities can lead to the disappearance of natural resources.

Environmental Essay in English – Preventive Measures to Save the Environment

It is high time that we as a community practice preventive measures as part of our daily routine. This includes:

Bike More Ride Less
Reduce reuse recycle
To plant a tree
Conserve water
Use long-lasting bulbs
Do not use chemicals in trusses, water or air
Volunteer for cleanups in your community
Choose a sustainable diet

Environmental protection is necessary for our planet and future generations. Therefore, the focus is on sustainable living and development. With the depletion of natural resources, we risk lasting damage to our planet. Therefore, environmental protection is necessary and measures must be taken to achieve it. Each person can contribute to the environment by making small changes in their lifestyle. Let’s protect our environment together!

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