Farmer’s son finances entry into German university



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Rahul Kumar to pursue modern Indian studies at German University

News of his admission to a Masters course in Modern Indian Studies at the University of Göttingen, Germany, left Rahul Kumar with mixed feelings. While Rahul, a master’s course student at IIT-Gandhinagar, was happy to have taken one more step towards realizing his dream, he was desperate to know how he would muster the Rs 12 lakh needed to get a visa. , purchase insurance and show funds in their bank account.
Fortunately for Rahul, from Bhagwanpur village in Buxar district in Bihar, help was on the way in the form of crowdfunding.

The first in his family to opt for a college education, Rahul studied at a public school before graduating from Delhi University and completing his Masters at IIT-Gandhinagar. Speaking to Mirror, he said: “My father is a farmer who cultivates land that does not belong to us. My mother is an ASHA worker. Until now there was no need to fundraise for education as DU subsidized my studies and hostel stay and I also got a scholarship. All I had to worry about was the meal costs of 2,000 rupees per month. At IIT-Gn I got a scholarship and took out a loan of Rs 43,000 per semester for accommodation costs.

Rahul said the University of Göttingen is a public university and its tuition fee is 350 euros per semester. “But to reach Germany, I have to show funds in my account, get a visa, get insurance and take care of other formalities. I turned to the Milaap crowdfunding platform. So far, I have been able to increase by Rs 2 lakh on the required Rs 12 lakh. I also ask for financial support from other organizations.

“After studying at a public school whose leaky roof has not been repaired in 12 years, I managed to enter DU and IIT-Gn on the basis of determination and hard work. relentless. For a student like me, a chance to study at a German university seems surreal, ”he said.

On the reasons why he decided to study in Germany, he said: “I have a direct understanding of the rural economy of India which gives me excellent insight into the course I hope to study in Germany ( Modern Indian Studies). The course will help me in my research.

Rahul has worked on many projects in DU, IIT-Gn, NITI Aayog, World Bank Project, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health-INC, Japan Social Foundation Project, CSDS-Delhi.

“At Georg-August-Universität, I want to engage in India’s development economy using key theoretical and professional skills in addition to case studies of various models. The course will enable me to understand Indian political economy and design public policy-based solutions for complex societal problems, which become more dynamic and interconnected from year to year. I believe this is how I can devote my professional life to bringing back the missing ‘audience’ in policy making, ”he said.


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