Florida nonprofits bring the art of poetry to local parks

Park Poets of America accepts poems from local writers.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville-based nonprofits Word Revolt and Hope at Hand have come together to share their love of poetry with the First Coast.

Park Poets of America aims to bring art in the form of poetry to all parks in Jacksonville.

“It will truly be a way to add a layer to parks that has never been seen before. You walk into the park, you see the map, you see the rules, but now you’re going to see something a little more human,” said Word Revolt founder Todd Rykaczewski.

Currently, Park Poets of America is accepting submitted poetry from people nationwide. The theme is nature, with different categories like swamp, ocean, and inland. Submitted poems will be voted on by a board and mounted in the most suitable park.

The plaques will be installed all around the parks, and if you don’t look you might miss them.

“It’s like going into nature. You won’t see the turtle or you won’t see the bird if you don’t look at it. The same with poems,” Rykaczewski said.

To submit your own poem, click here.

To submit your poems, visit: http://parkpoetsofamerica.org/index.html

Posted by Park Poets of America on Sunday, February 27, 2022

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