Freshman creates the first poetry club on campus



Rollins freshman Liam King (’25) founded the first poetry club on campus this semester. Fox Slam debuts under the supervision of English teacher Dr. Vidhu Aggarwal.

King’s interest in poetry began during his freshman year of high school when he joined the poetry club there. Although the club was short of participants, he said his love for poetry has grown steadily since.

The idea for Fox Slam started with King’s other Bonner students.

“When I got to Rollins, I wanted to do something bold like start a club,” King said, “and a lot of my friends from the Bonner program liked the idea of ​​a poetry club.”

King plans to major in Asian Studies with a minor in Creative Writing.

Aggarwal joined as an advisor after being recommended by Lord Family’s assistant vice president for student affairs and community Micki Meyer.

Aggarwal said she hopes “[the poetry club creates] opportunities for people to play. Poetry is ultimately community and social. The language game belongs to all of us and is not just an elite aspiration.

King said the goal of Fox Slam is to inspire a sense of community for literature-loving students, staff and faculty at Rollins. With the expectation of guest speakers, open mic parties, improvised poetry slams and more, King said he hopes Fox Slam will grow into a club that attracts not only members of the Rollins community, but also members of the Rollins community. other poets from the Winter Park area.

Fox Slam’s first reunion took place at Woolson House on September 21, and King described it as “free-form, open and conversational.” The group of over a dozen students and staff participated in icebreakers and group poetry activities.

“I was really happy that we had a wide range of points of view; some people were poets most of their lives, while others had spent their entire lives ignoring or even loathing poetry, ”King said.

The meeting ended with attendees writing an “impulsive poetry invite” and tossing them into a jar for random redistribution so members could arrive at the next meeting with a new poem to share.

King said everything turned out even better than he had hoped. He said the “energy” emanating from the participants was refreshing and vibrant, leaving him with high hopes for what is yet to come.

King plans to host the very first Rollins Poetry Slam, where members of all demographic groups in the Rollins community can enter a friendly poetry contest, meet new people and win prizes.

The next Fox Slam reunion will be held at Woolson House on October 5, and future reunions will now be every two weeks.

If you are interested in participating in Fox Slam, be sure to follow @rollinsfoxslam on Instagram for up-to-date information on events.


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