Growing competition for talent requires a more diverse definition of the ideal candidate, McLean & Company Reports

Talent shortages caused by external environmental changes, tight labor markets and rising candidate expectations have made finding talent increasingly difficult. According to McLean & Company, tackling these obstacles requires rethinking traditional procurement activities.

“Redefining what makes a ‘quality’ candidate is crucial to finding stronger and more diverse talent pools,” says Laura Ribadeira, Director, Research and HR Advisory Services at McLean & Company. “It’s important to prioritize the transferable skills and experiences that candidates bring, rather than relying on historical job requirements. This means talent acquisition specialists must have the skills, tools, and organizational support to influence a change in hiring practices and decisions.

The latest research from McLean & Company shows that recruiting has remained the number one priority for organizations since 2020, although the effectiveness of HR departments in enabling recruiting has decreased by 8% despite HR spending 25% of their time more to talent acquisition compared to 2021. Finding talent for onsite positions is proving particularly challenging, with organizations unable to offer remote or hybrid work options being 1.5 times more likely to experience candidate ghosting and 1.3 times more likely to experience a decrease in job applications.

Relying on methods that have worked in the past is no longer enough as the world of work continues to evolve. In order to attract and retain top talent, McLean & Company recommends that HR leaders challenge historical perceptions of qualified candidates to ensure inclusiveness and remove barriers preventing potential candidates from expanding further. candidate pipelines.

To help HR teams diversify their talent pools, McLean & Company’s new blueprint outlines four steps to improve sourcing activities and channels:

  1. Assess the current state of supply – Collect stakeholder feedback on sourcing effectiveness, perform sourcing analysis and uncover pain points, identify challenges requiring solutions beyond sourcing, then set goals and metrics .
  2. Optimize key procurement activities – Consider specific supply activities to enhance and elevate any or all of the following supply activities:
  • Hold admissions meetings
  • Create success profiles
  • Design of supply plans
  • Preparation of job advertisements
  • Nurture talent pools
  • Identify specific supply channels to improve – Determine which channels meet current and future needs, explore other supply channels to integrate, and decide whether to elevate, maintain, eliminate or create key supply channels, such as:
    • Internal talent mobility
    • High potential program
    • Employee referral program
    • University recruitment
    • Organizational Alumni Program
    • social media
  • Implement changes in business and supply channels – Create a roadmap of planned changes to business and supply channels and communicate planned changes to stakeholders. Partner with other functions to leverage existing knowledge and develop skills, then measure success and continuously monitor effectiveness.
  • To support HR managers in their efforts to improve talent sourcing and expand candidate pipelines, McLean & Company provides varying levels of support and hands-on resources in addition to in-depth research such as Improve talent search. From do-it-yourself toolkits to guided implementations, workshops and guidance, McLean & Company offers tools that are best suited to organizations’ unique needs, empowering leaders to shape a workplace where everyone thrives.

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