Guest Essay: Learn from the 2021 Legislature’s Mistakes to Bring a Brighter 2022 | Letters


Last year was certainly one for the books, although the reasons 2021 was so remarkable aren’t necessarily worth celebrating.

Our governor resigned in disgrace, more businesses we love in our communities closed, taxes rose, prices rose, and we passed a budget that cost us more than ever. While doing less than ever to really help working families. Throughout, we have also continued to face a pandemic that has rocked our economy and the courage of New Yorkers across the state, as some in government once again contemplate mandates and lockdowns that would certainly have a huge impact on our collective recovery.

I say this not to stir up feelings of doom, but out of hope that by recognizing the mistakes made by state government this year, we can work together to rectify them and put our state on the path to growth. The circumstances we face have often been described as “unprecedented”, so given the challenges we face, I believe we have the opportunity to work collaboratively to provide solutions that many Assembly members legislative have not really shaken in the past.

To put it simply, I believe the best way to foster prosperity here in New York State is to unleash the power of its people by staying away from their success. By creating a business climate that will attract our country’s brightest minds and retain the talents we have. More than anything, we need to give people a reason to believe that New York’s brightest days are yet to come.

Perhaps, more importantly, we also need to make sure that people feel safe living and having families here. To do this, we must give our law enforcement and our justice system the tools they need to protect our neighborhoods. Ending the decline of our towns, cities and towns will begin with the repeal of our dangerous state bond reform laws. These changes have tied the hands of our judges and allowed criminal elements to act with impunity, knowing that they will be released into the streets, even if they are apprehended. In 2022, we must collectively recognize that bail reform was wrong and restore law and order to all of New York City.

Here in New York, we have tried to raise taxes, we have tried heavy warrants, and we have tried various police “reforms”, all to the detriment of public safety and the prosperity of our state. If there has ever been a time for a change to give New Yorkers a chance to pursue their dreams and uplift their communities in the process, it is now. This year, let’s give New Yorkers a chance to control their own destiny, end universal mandates, and empower individuals and local governments to do what’s best for their families and the municipalities they know. and love.

New Yorkers are the toughest, most industrious people in the country, and they deserve a legal and economic climate that will allow them to unleash what they are capable of in the domestic and global marketplace. This year, let’s make New York City work for those who seek to improve their lives and their communities through hard work.

Assembly member Steve Hawley, R-Batavia, represents the 139th District, which is made up of the counties of Genesee, Orleans, and parts of Monroe County.


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