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Passion and the need to reinvent oneself are what drives MOJ content creator Himanshu Srivastav. When he’s not dancing, he observes life and writes poems about it. In his recent interview, the winner of Super Star Hunt – a content creation competition – spoke about his desire to experiment with all things creative and tips to gain more followers. Read on!

How did you come to content creation? What made you choose a short video app over other platforms?

I still remember when I did a dance performance on stage for the first time, after my performance I noticed a different enthusiasm in the audience, there was a different kind of happiness on their faces. That day, I felt like I had shared happiness between people through my dance. It inspired me. And on that day, the artist in me was born. In the entertainment world, the artist makes people laugh and makes people cry, he embodies several characters in the same life. And through his art he teaches people a lot and does everything that we probably can’t do in our real life. Seeing all of this, the world of entertainment started to motivate me a lot. I chose to become a content creator because sometimes I also like to write poetry and stories. And what I see in my real life, what I hear, I try to translate everything into my poetry and my stories so that people can identify with it more. Whether it’s writing a poem or choreographing a dance – whether performing or editing, I love to experiment and create new things. I try to do all of these experiences to become a better content creator.

What was it like winning the Super Star Hunt?

This is my first success after winning the Moj Superstar Hunt and I see myself on social media and in the news. Today people recognize me and my family. My idol and inspiration is Remo D’Souza sir. I learned a lot from reading his life and watching him. In fact, not only me, but every dancer is motivated by their life course. I was very happy when I heard he was going to judge the Moj Superstar Hunt and when I reached the final I played his song Vande Mataram and he commented on my dance and gave me 10 points . This moment was the most beautiful moment of my life.

What are your future plans?

My dream is to one day become a very good actor and dancer. And in my little village, I want to help talented people to make sure they get a platform. I want to do this for my Garatganj and encourage people to support all talents tomorrow, be it a boy or a girl. I want to change the mentality of society regarding dance, especially in small places in villages.

Do you think budding artists can find their way to success by showcasing their talent on content curation platforms? If so, what advice would you give them to increase their audience and get noticed?

So I would like to tell my subscribers that you have 15 to 30 seconds to prove yourself. 15 to 30 seconds is very little to hear, but you work so hard during those 15 to 30 seconds that you can touch people’s hearts. I believe my efforts are my greatest hope. So you guys also keep having new experiences, keep trying new things and don’t think about the outcome. If you work hard with your heart, the outcome will certainly be good. If you want to be popular you have to make a place for yourself in people’s hearts and a place is always made by hard work. The more experiences you do, the more you try new ones, the better off you will be. Just believe in hard work and try to give yourself one hundred percent.


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