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Kathryn Einan 22 is a self-proclaimed “book nerd”. Einan holds a triple major in literature, history, and Nordic studies with a minor in Chinese. She deeply enjoys learning and hopes to become a teacher one day.
“There are so many interesting things to study!” says Einan of his impressive triple major. Einan came to PLU intending to be a history major and possibly an English minor. Yet she enjoyed her English classes so much that her English minor quickly became a second major. Einan’s love of books made literature a natural choice.

“I have always been a book lover. I read several books in a week,” says Einan. “I have stacks of books at home. I go to the second-hand bookstore all the time.

Einan likes a lot of books, which prevents him from choosing a favorite. She has a particular passion for classic literature, including authors like Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde.

Einan has worked with Associate Professor of English Adela Ramos on projects involving books by Jane Austen. Einan and Ramos have worked on online articles examining Jane Austen-themed adaptations, merchandise, games, and spin-off books. Einan recently completed her synthesis on female mobility in Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.” Ramos remembers first meeting Einan in his Jane Austen Communities class.

“She sat in the front row, pen in hand, notebook pulled out and a copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ ready for class discussion. I commended Kathryn’s enthusiasm for the class, especially that every year fewer and fewer students seem to be aware of the influence this British literary celebrity has on the popular culture they watch,” Ramos said. . of an already well-established love for Austen, a love from which I have benefited not only as Kathryn’s teacher, but as a collaborator. Her intelligence is coupled with a keen sense of humor, which she transmits both in conversations and in his writings.

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In addition to his love of literature and history, Einan enjoys learning languages. She started studying German in high school. In order to meet PLU’s language requirements, Einan decided to try learning Norwegian.

“My dad’s family is from Norway, so there’s a family history that I wanted to honor,” Einan says. Einan enjoyed his Norwegian lessons and chose to go ahead with a third major in Nordic studies.

This year, Einan added Chinese to his classes. “I think it’s really important to study languages ​​because that’s how people communicate,” says Einan. She sees a strong connection between her language studies and her love of literature. “I would really like to be able to read books from different cultures in their original language.”

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After graduating, Einan will begin working on her Masters in Education at PLU. She hopes to become a high school history or English teacher. She can also study library science. She wants to travel and gain conversational experience in the languages ​​she studies. Einan hopes to learn throughout his life and inspire others to do the same.

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