Houston mayor embarks on slam poetry, ballet dancers embrace hip-hop, and blonde jumps into giant champagne glass at wild art night



IIt was the busiest night when the Houston Arts Alliance took over the Majestic Metro Theater for its “Moulin Rouge, Immerse” gala. A night that saw the mayor Sylvester Turner make slam poetry; men from the Houston Ballet combining hip-hop moves with throws; and party girls donning fishing nets, feather boas, bustiers and ruffles. All this and more, including an exhibition of works by emerging artists, shed light on the city’s variety of creative forces.

The entertainment began when guests, many in top hats and sequins, arrived at the 1926 theater where a busty, sequined blonde was spinning in a gigantic champagne glass in the golden lobby. And, yes, champagne and other libations flowed freely as the crowds paraded in Moulin Rouge-inspired finery.

In the hands of the chairs Drs. Duyen and Marc Nguyen and Lemon balm and Michel mithoff, the event raised $ 283,960 for the Houston Arts Alliance’s Disaster Resilience Fund, which advocates for and provides resources to meet the needs of local artists and art workers who are affected by natural disasters. As Chairman of the Board Craig massey noted in the remarks, the arts, entertainment and related services were the most deeply affected by the pandemic.

To that end, proceeds from the event set an all-time high, a significant portion of that total raised through the live auction of a Houston city skyline painted on location by acclaimed Houston multidisciplinary artist. Gonzo247. Let’s go for $ 10,000. CEO of the Houston Arts Alliance Jean Abode praises the city’s generosity and its staunch support for the arts and artists.

Melissa and Michael Mithoff at the Houston Arts Alliance Moulin Rouge Gala at the Majestic Metro Theater. (Photo by Daniel Ortiz)

The vibrant Lauren Anderson was responsible for the colorful lineup of entertainment that included the Houston Poet Laureate Frankish Dean, who coaxed the mayor to join him in a bit of Houston-centric poetry; as well as the laureate poets Deborah DEEP Sheep and Leslie Contreras Schwartz. The lineup included songbird Marie echo and her group, a fabulously futuristic fashion show by Enid’s House, a playful presentation of Can-Can and a finale by soprano Black Cassandra who tweeted the most appropriate “La Vie en Rose”.

PC seen: Stacey and Al Lindseth, Megan and Luke Morris, Angel Rios and Richard Flowers, Beth Muecke, Dr Penelope and Lester Smith, Joyce Echols and Steve Wyatt, Mélanie Lawson and John Guess Jr., Cathy Echols, Elizabeth and Peter Cook, Tatiana Green, Sir Mark Haukohl, Véronique and Mark Frances, James Glassman, Ed Kachinske, and Ashley Smither Langley and Curt Langley.

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