Houston Poet Laureate visits SFA to promote creativity and diversity

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) — The split we’ve heard so much about in the news is complicated enough, but a Houston man is trying to narrow it down through something as simple as a poem.

His name is Emanuelee “Outspoken” Bean. He is Houston’s fifth Poet Laureate. Quite appropriate for someone who wants to plant ideas of diversity and resilience.

“What I do is spread good poetry to people,” he said.

The SFA’s Office of Multicultural Affairs Diversity Conference keynote speaker performs his poems inspired by personal stories.

He sort of breaks out a song to the tune of On the Road Again.

“I am again on these poems. So happy to be on stage again,” he sings.

It’s an adaptation of his favorite Willie Nelson song after a visit to the icon’s infamous bus.

The audience applauds rhythmically.

“Through these poems again. I’m so happy to be on stage again, ”he laughs.

The Prairie View alum is a poet, writer, producer of experiences. He is responsible for writing and executing a national diversity campaign for Pabst Blue Ribbon.

“There is diversity in thought. Diversity in people. Color diversity. There is diversity in the colors. There is diversity among black people. The more empathy we develop for each other, the more we are able to see people for who we are,” Bean explained.

Another mission he has is to show that Houston is resilient. Bean relates. He reads an excerpt from his poem about a lifelong struggle with dyslexia.

“So my fight with you is to stay the way I am. Always full,” he wrote, referring to not letting the emptiness caused by dyslexia restrict who he is.

Bean says he’s always full of new ideas and new approaches to bringing creativity to as many people as possible who listen.

Another touching poem, inspired by a deceased brother, has an inspiration line.

“Keep your head above the clouds while your feet, your soles…and your sole remain on the ground.”

Outspoken Bean works with young people through poetry slams, like the one held last night at SFA.

He has an entertaining website that shows clips of his performances. Click here to see.

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