How To Get Your Creative Writing On A Podcast In Beaufort SC


Crime, ghosts and gore. That’s what writers Kenneth Macintosh and Peter Lehmkuhl and local podcaster Danetia Madison are looking to showcase in their new podcast “Tales”.

“Campfire stories are generally scary so these are the kinds of stories we’re looking for,” Madison said.

The “Tales” podcast premiered on December 24 and featured Lehmkuhl’s short story “Screaming Greetings”, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. The show’s website described it as a “Christmas tale with a nice twist that will make you think twice about being mean rather than nice.”

“Tales” is the second podcast from Madison, a former officer with the Navy and City of Beaufort Police Department, and a first for Lehmkuhl and Macintosh. Madison’s first podcast, “Partners N Crime,” is about real crime and the paranormal and has listeners from 13 countries, she said.

“Tales” began after Macintosh contacted Madison on Instagram with samples of her handwriting. After reading them, Madison reached out to her friend, Lehmkuhl, who had recently published a Kindle eBook under the pseudonym Peter Gunn. New episodes of “Tales” will air each month and will revolve around that month’s major vacation, Madison said.

“Most of the stories will have a scary feel,” Madison said. “It’s not going to be reckless like someone is hit by an arrow and falls in love. They will fall in love, but it will be a different kind of ending than what you would want from a Valentine’s Day story.

The writing styles featured on the podcast will be unique, Madison said, and will have their own pace.

Lehmkuhl, who retired from the Air Force in early December, said he uses his writing style to bring beauty to the world.

“I think there is some beautiful poetry that people watch and don’t necessarily want to listen to,” Lehmkuhl said. “If you put it in the form of a story, they immerse themselves in it more. ”

For “Tales,” Madison and Lehmkuhl hope they can help people and introduce the voices of new and aspiring writers.

“I just want people to enjoy a good story,” Lehmkuhl said.

Submissions for the podcast can be emailed to [email protected] You can find both “Tales” and “Partners N Crime” by searching for Tommy Boy Productions shows on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other podcast apps.

This story was originally published December 27, 2021 2:43 p.m.

Sofia Sanchez is a reporter for The Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette. She reports on the crime and develops stories in Beaufort and its surroundings. Sofia is a Cuban-American journalist from Florida and graduated from Florida International University in 2020.


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