In Rwanda, the art of rhythmic poetry is developing at a rapid pace.



Tuyisenge Olivier is one of the few artists in Rwanda who a few years ago took a bold step and embarked on booking a studio to record his poems.

Born in the early 90s, Tuyisenge learned the creative arts and how to compose songs and poems, then dropped out of high school to focus more on his passion for art.

“I decided to pursue traditional poetry because that’s what I grew up on, I grew up in a family that really loves everything traditional and is interested in tradition. my family members make a living from traditional art. “

Olivier managed to save up to 4 million Rwandan francs to start the recording studio project which he says will focus on traditional songs.

“I have different talented artists here who can be honored later. When you make traditional art, you are unique, here and abroad. In the next 10 years, this traditional music will only carry the Rwandan flag abroad.

One of the biggest challenges most Rwandan traditional poets and artists face is the lack of a strong support system, they urge the government to integrate traditional poetry and talent into the showbiz initiatives it supports. .


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