Jacksonville Veteran Book of Poetry The Missing Child


A local author uses her struggles and past experiences to impact readers who might be facing similar issues.

Eric Sowers, Jacksonville resident and Marine Corps veteran, published his first book on Nov. 11 titled “The Child We Were To Miss”. The book is a collection of poems encompassing the torment of unpublished grief and the path to acceptance to begin to rebuild a better life.

Sowers writes about love, war, and the acceptance of emotions that society generally pushes people to suppress, and said he hopes his writing will help readers accept the validity of the range of emotions that they feel, while finding joyful moments to hold onto.

“I realized with a lot of things, that a lot of veterans could connect with it, and other people as well with different experiences that they’ve had, like traumatic experiences or military experiences,” Sowers said. .

Author of "The child who was going to be missed," Eric Sowers, is originally from Philadelphia, but currently resides in Jacksonville.

The book is Sowers’ first, although he said he started writing a bit in college, and currently writes for a small veterans magazine called “At Ease”.

“I didn’t really intend to write a book,” Sowers said, “but I started writing poetry to sort of deal with some of my experiences, and then once I started having this collection of poetry, I realized that much of it was intertwined and many of them talked about the different aspects and struggles, not just the veterans, but especially the veterans, have to face. “

Sowers said some of those struggles include separation from his family, lack of things and PTSD, which he deals with. He said he felt the book might help people feel less lonely.

“A lot of veterans who have been suicidal and these other things are not related to groups and other organizations,” Sowers said. “So I’m like, maybe if people took this book, maybe it would help a few people, and that would be a good thing.”

Sowers served in the Marine Corps for over a decade, deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq, and worked on attack helicopters for most of his career.

Although the target audience for the book are veterans, Sowers said everyone can enjoy and benefit from reading the book. He said he speaks from different points of view.

“The fourth chapter really focuses on polarizing people and tries to emphasize that you can look at things from different points of view instead of just sticking to the way you see them,” Sowers said.

Sowers said he plans to write another book in the future, maybe a little novel.

“The Child We Were To Miss” can be purchased on Amazon.

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