La Trobe postgraduate students give presentations inspired by the Dardalis archives

Three postgraduate students from the University of La Trobe took an object from the Dardalis Archives as a starting point for a presentation of their research.

The next talk, by Sofia Chaniotaki, is about how literature can be integrated into the teaching of modern Greek.

The value of literature in teaching and learning a second / foreign language has been recognized by research. As Paran (2008) points out, integrating literature into language teaching can increase student motivation, while it is an interesting approach, as it combines a focus on form with a focus on meaning. . The benefits of “content-based” teaching approaches vary. The integration of literary texts in language teaching is a “content-based” approach, through which we can cultivate the four basic language skills.

“My intervention revolves around two axes: a. an overview of the teaching and learning of the Greek language in Melbourne, highlighting the value of the Dardalis archives by containing examples of educational material for students during migration after WWII to Australia and b. an introduction on the advantages of “content-based” approaches and the role of literature in language teaching, as well as the presentation of four “content-based” activities for the teaching of certain grammatical phenomena, and the development, through literature, of other language skills, such as creative writing, ”Ms. Chaniotaki said.

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“Working with diaspora students in Australia inspired me to undertake research in the area of ​​language and literature. I am currently preparing a bilingual textbook for English speaking learners of the modern Greek language as part of my Masters in Research at La Trobe University. The manual includes content-based activities that relate to the incorporation of literature into the teaching of modern Greek and hopefully it will meet the linguistic and cultural needs of Greek-Australian learners.

The conference will take place from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on November 24 via zoom. Visit

Coming soon: December 15th at 7pm: Emmanouela Giannoulidou, Master’s candidate in Greek and Spanish Studies, presents: “The Third Side of War in Nikos Kazantzakis ‘The Fratricides and Manuel Chaves Nogales’ A Sangre y Fuego: Héroes, Bestias y Mártires de España “

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