Launch of a collection of poetry and prose at the Butler Gallery in Kilkenny



A mix of poetry and prose – Much More Than Words – launched on Friday at the Butler Gallery.

The collection which was produced by The Recovery College and The Involvement Center in Kilkenny is an astonishing body of work and includes a host of well-known local writers as well as poems from the wider community.

Broadcaster Olivia O’Leary featured the book which also contains poems from writing groups The Involvement Center and Recovery College in Kilkenny, as well as tips from well-known writers who have visited the group, some of whom also contributed their poems.

“Sitting alone with your imagination can be scary, especially if you have suffered from depression like me. But the same imagination that we house our darkest thoughts in can also show us the way to recovery and joy.” , she said. .

Kilkenny Mayor Andrew McGuinness said he was “blown away” by the post and congratulated everyone involved.

“One of the things that strikes me about this book of poetry is the level of talent of our local writers. I am absolutely blown away by what I heard here today.

“I’m particularly baffled because many of the poets are people I know or see on the streets of Kilkenny on a regular basis. People I would stop talking to but never would have known until today , that they were such talented writers or writers, that they had such difficult life experiences.

“Kilkenny is full of creative talent and the pages of this book are proof of that because they are filled with more than just words.

“We are also fortunate to have so many great people making such a positive difference in mental health and addiction. In this regard, I would like to thank everyone involved in the Recovery College and the Involvement Center, ”he added.


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