Leaf | The star of the day

I saw the leaf fall yesterday.

The wind took the leaf on its back and then disappeared.

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Perhaps he fell on a pond or a river, crossing a thousand waves.

Or the wind took him to another world.

No one saw the leaf fall

Or seen when he was born.

However, the bird saw it, and the tree that carried it, is now in mourning.

Another day another leaf was missing

Nobody saw him when he fell, maybe when everyone was sleeping.

In the morning, everyone was looking for him.

I was also worried all day, my thoughts carrying the grief of the tree.

Then the next day, another leaf, this time everyone saw it fall.

Still, the grief was a little less today, as all accepted the repeat.

To comfort themselves, they told stories of the leaf traveling from pole to pole.

Free as arctic terns.

The sun rose the next day, it was as beautiful as when a life begins.

The newborn sees life as limitless, all so beautiful.

The warmth, the thought of a new day and the smile spread everywhere.

I also felt it that day, the happiness as if I was reborn, the feeling of being alive.

I was as grateful as they were.

JUnayed Alam Bhuiyan is a student in English Literature, Department of English, East West University. He loves poetry and short fiction.

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