Literary releases and reissues by black authors on September 14

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“For Morrison to take you seriously … you had to demonstrate that language was a skill you possessed, that black culture was known to you and respected by you.” – novelist AJ Verdelle on Toni Morrison

Based on this week’s work – the themes, tones, authors, and language – they could all put their names in the hat to earn Toni Morrison’s respect. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, the way the narratives are delivered is what makes these stories so good, no matter what their subject is.

For example, Colson Whitehead Harlem Shuffle is a story about family values ​​wrapped up in a hilarious crime story starring shady cops, a furniture store, and a heist gone awry. The long awaited novel by Tiffany D. Jackson, White smoke, follows Marigold as she tries to escape the ghosts of her past, but no matter how far or how long she runs, they always end up tripping her.

One of Toni Morrison’s friends and contemporaries, Gayl Jones, re-edited a novel after two decades. that of Jones prize list follows a young slave as she escapes the Portuguese plantation where she grew up after coming of age in search of her husband and her squad. And while it won’t be available until February, we can’t wait to read the story the aforementioned AJ Verdelle has to tell about his friendship with Morrison (née Chloe Anthony Wofford Morrison) and how they pushed each other – and pushed each other – towards each other. in the next one Miss Chloe.

Gabrielle Union’s second thesis Do you have something stronger? tells us about how life has changed since becoming a mother of daughters, including the more difficult aspects of her unconventional journey. Union also discusses her life, career and latest book with Maiysha Kai, editor-in-chief of Shine in last week’s episode of The root presents: It’s on.

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