VIVRE LES MOMENTS is a collection of choice of 130 poems to be shared in the public space for the reader’s reflection on the gifts and realities of life. The work is the fruit of the prayer life of the author, Sr. Mary Andrew Campbell, FMS.

This year she is celebrating, along with four other members of the Congregation of Franciscan Missionary Sisters – “The Blue Sisters” – her Diamond Jubilee. The book is a tribute to, and marks sixty years in their Vocation of “The Consecrated Life”. The poem It’s Diamond speaks of this “Moment” of celebration.

Sr. Mary Andrew was fortunate enough to have LIVE THE MOMENTS published for two main purposes. First, she envisions that this little introspection could serve to inspire readers to develop the spiritual dimension of their lives; establish good relationships with oneself and others; become more aware of the beauty of nature and its impact on our lives, as well as the importance for the reader to take care of our environment.

These messages are at the heart of poems such as Beauty, Joy in the little things, and in I love my world.

The second important objective is to help support the mission and ministries of the Blue Sisters, who are primarily educators, health professionals, social workers serving the nation in downtown communities and as justices of the peace. They have also served as administrators of Catholic schools in Grand Cayman and St Kits-Nevis as well as in the states of Atlanta and Alabama, in the United States.

Readers reflecting on this work can also be inspired for their lives by reading and reflecting on T o Serve with love.

The book is available at the Stella Maris Convent House of Prayer at 62 Shortwood Road in Kingston 8.


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