‘L&O: SVU’ actress Isabel Gillies Pens tries to detail the online hatred towards her character



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Isabel Gillies appeared on several seasons of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” as Kathy Stabler, wife of Det. by Christopher Meloni. Elliot Stabler, until his character was killed off in a Season 22 episode of “SVU” which set up the Meloni-starring spin-off “Law & Order: Organized Crime”.

On Tuesday, Gillies wrote an essay on Substack in which she describes the extreme hatred she experienced online from fans of the show who apparently don’t understand the difference between the actors and the characters they play.

As Gillies wrote, she was happy to accept the offer to reprise her character one last time. “Why not? It was a chance to pull out the old acting tools, play with my friends and former colleagues Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni, see the crew room and spill some fake blood on the face. When I filmed the show, we all said ‘like the good old days’, ”she wrote.

“But it’s not like the good old days – something has seriously changed,” she continued.

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“When I started working on ‘Law & Order’, social media didn’t exist. If fans liked what your character did or didn’t do, you were a little in the dark about it. This is not the case today. After last week’s episode, I woke up in the morning, hung out in my dress, said goodbye to my child and my husband, made a cup of tea and had opened Twitter to see what was going on in the world. Wasn’t there a big vote on Capitol Hill? What is the latest vaccine news? You know the drill, “she wrote, adding,” I should have turned on the radio. “

As she described it, her Twitter feed “is normally quite asleep”, but instead she encountered “a flood of mind-blowing gallstone messages, to me!” My character, the late Kathy Stabler, was all the rage on Twitter. As I slid through links and threads, memes and emojis, I started to cry. ‘KATHY STABLER BURNS IN THE DEEPEST PART OF HELL.’ Scroll, scroll… ‘YOU DESERVE to explode!’ Scroll, scroll… ‘Hello to absolutely everyone except the ghost of Kathy Stabler.’ Scroll, scroll… ‘This girl is the meanest bitch I’ve ever met!’ Meet? I’m sorry, have we met?

After reading “the personal attacks, the beatings, the beatings and just plain meanness I gave in and called my husband in tears,” she added, then called the star of “SVU” Mariska Hargitay, who she discovered has had “a lot of experience with similar online vitriol.

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Gillies concluded with a call to everyone on social media. “Can we all take it down a notch? ” she asked. “No matter our personal opinions on TV romance, climate change or the Senate parliamentarian, can we take a break? There is the acronym THINK Is it thoughtful? is that honest? It’s interesting? Is it necessary? Is that nice? I’ll try to put everything I say or write through this little fail-safe. God knows we’ve all been through the ringing. I often feel the urge to spit out a nasty rant as much as the next person, but if a second-tier character in a prime-time drama can fall victim to a fierce online meltdown because of persuade, it kills me to think about what important public servants have to go through. It seems like we are all yelling at each other all day, every day. Is it worth it? Can we stop? Can we think? ”


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