Local Author Releases 7th Book of Poetry in Time for Valentine’s Day | Newspaper

MARTINSBURG – Just in time for the start of the Valentine’s season, local author Khary Tolliver has love in his brain, recently releasing his seventh book, “Effortless Love”, a book of love poems and relational affirmations.

Originally from the Bronx, New York, Tolliver moved to Hagerstown, Maryland, at age 12.

He assigns a unique task to a poetry journal for changing his life and makes him the author that he is today.

“I just took this assignment and kept running with it. We had to keep a journal of poems. I kept my journal until today, ”Tolliver said. “I had six previous books before this one, and the first two were about everything: life, my son, love, everything. By the time my third book came out, the comments I was getting on the first two books – and certainly from the second book – they liked the few love poems I had in there.

After receiving feedback, Tolliver thought, “I can do a whole book on love poems,” because he had a lot of poems written since high school.

“For my third book, I just did a whole book of love poems, and it was good, so I did another one. And I just kept going,” Tolliver said. “I love it. being able to express feelings and hopefully inspire others as well. I hope to inspire others to write poetry, and I did to a few anyway. “

Tolliver said this seventh book is a book of love poems but also relationship affirmations, reminding readers of some of the simple things in relationships that can be easily overlooked.

As a writer, Tolliver has chosen the path of self-publishing.

“Self-publishing is the way to go, for me,” he said. “I’m not trying to be a millionaire with these books. I just hope to reach people. I hope to inspire people, maybe change someone’s habits with my writing.

Tolliver explained that if he writes to inspire, he writes for himself, not for an audience.

“These are just my feelings, the feelings I see in other people’s relationships, my imagination, some of my own experiences,” he said. “That’s how I write: I put it all in one, and I get what I take out.”

Those interested in hearing some of Tolliver’s poems can also view readings on his YouTube channel, where Tolliver reads his poems from the pages of his posts.

“One thing I’ve learned so far on this trip is being able to take criticism,” Tolliver said. “When I write, these are my thoughts and opinions and feelings, and I think no one should really judge you by your feelings and thoughts. Everyone thinks about love differently and about life differently. I don’t think anyone should be judged for it.

With the ultimate goal of touching lives with his poetry, Tolliver hopes his poetry in “Effortless Love” and his other books will encourage readers to step back and live and love intentionally.

“Love is a beautiful thing,” Tolliver said. “Instead of getting the usual – the flowers, the candy, the teddy bear – give them something different this year, a book of love poems.”

“Effortless Love” and Tolliver’s other books of poetry can be purchased online at www.amazon.com under his name.

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