Local high school students named DAR Bons Citoyens

Five local high school students were selected as good DAR citizens by their respective teachers and classmates. They demonstrated reliability, service leadership and patriotism to an exceptional degree. Those selected as DAR Good Citizens by their respective schools are:

JaegerWilliam Samuelson, son of Jerry and Shelby Samuelson He attends Alwood High School.

Riley DeMay, daughter of Damien and Melody DeMay. She attends Annawan High School.

Paige Lynette Leandre, daughter of Lukus Leander and Breanna Leander. She attends Cambridge High School.

Rose Frances Henderson, daughter of Bryce and Melissa Henderson, she attends Geneseo High School.

Madison Lynn Greenwood, daughter of JR and Michelle Greenwood. She is a student at Orion High School.

In addition to being selected by their peers and teachers, students can participate in a scholarship competition. To participate, a student must submit an application with a list of school and community activities, a transcript, two letters of recommendation, and an essay administered under the supervision of a faculty member or DAR. The essay must be completed in one sitting, within two hours, without aids or reference materials. A computer may be used, essays should not exceed 550 words. Essays are judged by non-DAR judges.

Winning trials are advanced to the district, state and national levels. State winners receive a scholarship in the amount of $250. National Division winners receive $500.

The title of this year’s essay was “Our American Heritage and Our Responsibility to Preserve It.” And the central question: “How do the qualities of a good citizen (reliability, service, leadership and patriotism) help sustain our nation?”

The top five DAR Citizens in the area will be recognized at the Geneseo Chapter DAR Youth Awards Day. The event is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, May 1, 2022 at 1 p.m. at Geneseo City Park.

Madison Lynn Greenwood
Paige Lynette Leandre
Riley DeMay
Rose Frances Henderson

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