Maison Valentino takes its love for literature to frightening heights

Valentino stories Tor Book Gift Set (Courtesy of Valentino)

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Italian fashion house Valentino has always upheld the importance of literature, maintaining the ethos it has the power to convey and inspire by addressing the themes of the written word through collections and campaigns. And while spooky season may be over, the brand’s project Valentino stories lets horror fans extend the festivities with its new bespoke gift set, featuring three never-before-seen horror novels in partnership with Tor Publishing Group and its Nightfire horror category, and Emma Roberts and Karah Preiss’ Belletrist online book club.

by Johnny Compton The house of spite is a chilling gothic thriller, exploring “grief and death, and the depths of a father’s love,” according to the book’s description. Lucy A. Snyder sister, maiden, monster is set in a dystopian apocalyptic era and follows three women trying their best to survive. Leopoldo Gout Pinata follows a woman, Carmen Sanchez as she oversees the renovation of an old cathedral. In keeping with the horror theme, a possession inevitably takes place.

Valentino Narratives Tor Book Gift Set (Courtesy of Valentino)
Valentino Narratives Tor Book Gift Set (Courtesy of Valentino)

All three novels are slated for release in 2023, and Valentino is connecting friends at the fashion house with advanced copies for an exclusive first look at the best the genre has to offer. Limited quantities will also be available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis at They come in a burnt orange, panther-print box, where three separate drawers hold the new titles.

The personalized gift is Valentino’s stories second literary box produced by the brand and its publishing partners. His first box set was released earlier this year with advanced work from Penguin Books.

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