Oklahoma students invited to “If I were mayor” essay contest


Eighth-grade students from Pottawatomy County and State schools are invited to submit an essay for the “If I Were Mayor” contest sponsored by the Oklahoma Municipal League and the Oklahoma Council of Mayors .

According to Shawnee Mayor Ed Bolt, eighth-grade students in public, private and home schools are welcome to apply.

Bolt explained that the goal of the competition is to educate students about city government.

“To write a good essay, they will need to learn about municipal government and more specifically how the job of mayor works,” he said. “By learning how your local government works, participants will be more effective in participating in the process as they get older. “

There will be three contest winners and the prizes include first place, which is $ 250, second place, which is $ 150, and third place, which is $ 100.

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Bolt said the deadline for submitting nominations is Jan.31 and winners will be announced on Feb.25, 2022 at the Annual Congress of Mayors.

“Hopefully we get a bunch of Shawnee entries. It would be great if a Shawnee student won,” Bolt said.

The competition is open to all Oklahoma students enrolled in eighth grade.

Essays should address the topic and start with “If I were mayor, I would …”

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Additionally, essays should not exceed 250 words and only one essay may be submitted per student.

Essays will be judged on two aspects, including knowledge of municipal government and the role of the mayor, as well as creativity and appropriate grammar.

Students should include their first and last names, their school, and the names of their teacher or parents at the top of the sheet.

Bolt said he had informed various schools in Shawnee about the competition and the schools appeared to be very interested in the event. For more guidelines and how to submit essays, visit: https://www.oml.org/if-i-were-mayor


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