OTOY and The Roddenberry Estate Unveil Roddenberry’s First Immersive Archive Experiences, a Multi-Year Roadmap to Preserve Roddenberry’s Star Trek Work History Across Film, TV and Literature

At Creation Las Vegas, OTOY and the Roddenberry Estate present the first interactive and fully immersive real-time glimpses of the Roddenberry Archive, a decades-long collaboration to preserve by Gene Roddenberry a lifetime of work for future generations to experience in next generation media formats.

LA VEGAS, August 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After a year of production work after announcing the Roddenberry archives during by Gene Roddenberry Centennial celebrations, OTOY Inc. and the Roddenberry Estate previewed the first full-size interactive recreations of the Starship Enterprise at Creation: Vegas 2022. 1:1 scale business models and sets are recreated to visualize the history of star trek in new holographic mediums for future generations to experience by Gene Roddenberry heritage with the highest levels of immersion and historical fidelity.

Roddenberry and OTOY presented “The Cage” experience, allowing viewers to explore the Starship Enterprise created by Gene Roddenberry for the first pilot of star trek. The fully immersive and interactive 360-degree experience allows audiences to cruise around the Starship Enterprise Bridge and even sit in Captain Pike’s chair as if they were there on the episode set in 1964.

Stunning recreations of scenes from Star Trek’s early television and film history were also unveiled at Creation, which can be explored in 3D with the Mahé cast. Thaissa and Lawrence Selleck bringing the Yeoman Colt and Mr. Spock of the Cage to life. The recreations of “The Cage” set and Enterprise Bridge were supervised by eminent star trek cast and crew, including Denise and Mike Okudaauthors of Star Trek: The Encyclopediato be named star trek Visual effects artists Doug Drexler and Daren Dochtermann.

During a panel on the main stage, moderated by Gates McFadden, Dr. Beverly Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation at Star Trek: PicardFounder and CEO of OTOY, Jules Urbach, Roddenberry rodpresident of Roddenberry Entertainment, Denise and Mike Okudaand Daren Dochtermann discussed the last year of work on the Roddenberry Archive.

The team presented “765874” – a concept video exploring the world of by Gene Roddenberry vision for Star Trek – from cage to film – using state-of-the-art virtual production technologies as well as innovative technologies LightStage scans of the original star trek uniforms, accessories and archival documents. “765874” was also accompanied by a second teaser”765874: Memory Wall– unveiled specifically for the event – which builds on the previous teaser with an extra minute of groundbreaking visuals.

Roddenberry stem closed the panel with an experimental test of how this technology could one day be used to potentially bring the star trek animated series to life – as if filmed in live-action in the continuity of the 1960s TV show created by his father.

Roddenberry stem, CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment, said: “We began archiving documents from my father’s life over a decade ago in hopes of preserving not only the iconic items that made Star Trek such a franchise as successful, but most importantly the personal notes, internal documents and never-before-seen prototypes that have fueled the various iterations of Star Trek. We wanted to provide a personal behind-the-scenes story of Gene and the evolution of the series, which had such an impact profound about the development of humanity in the 20th century, inspiring so many people around the world.” Roddenberry added, “With new real-time and holographic technologies, it is becoming increasingly possible to immerse new generations who have not experienced Star Trek first-hand in my father’s universe, and We are excited to move forward on this new frontier in collaboration with 3D graphics pioneer, OTOY.”

According to the CEO and co-founder of OTOY, Jules Urbach“For over a decade we have worked with The Roddenberry Estate to preserve by Gene Roddenberry legacy. Today’s release marks the first steps towards capturing Gene’s work in a new, fully immersive and interactive way for future generations. star trek like they were there in 1964.” Urbach added, “Gene Roddenberry saw into the future and projected a vision of the future where remarkable technologies affirmed the human spirit and ethical powers. Today’s technological advancements in holographic imagery and real-time graphics make it increasingly possible to recreate his vision and we are delighted to be working with the Roddenberry Estate to preserve Gene’s salient messages for the humanity in the most authentic and open way possible.”

The immersive experiences and new concept videos were accompanied by the release of three additional video diaries providing archival behind-the-scenes testimony from the creation of the first star trek pilot, “the Cage”. The videos featured fully recreated life-size indoor interviews star trek virtual production sets with star trek historians Denise and Michael Okuda; Chis Hunter, son of Jeffrey Hunter who played Captain Pike in The Cage; Sean Kenny who played Captain Pike in “The Menagerie”, and Robert Butler, director of “The Cage”. The videos feature fully recreated 3D models as well as archival photography from the production of “The Cage”, sets, costume designs and behind-the-scenes material pulled from thousands of documents that have been digitally archived by The Roddenberry Estate in collaboration with OTOY.

The immersive experience and behind the scenes of Roddenberry Archive video diaries are available to the public for the duration of the convention this week. The original documents from the Roddenberry Archives are kept on the render networkproviding an open blockchain digital archive of all by Gene Roddenberry lifetime of works in an open format for future generations to access.

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Roddenberry Archive 1 Year in Review featured at Creation 2022

Mahé Thaissa as J. M. Colt (c. 2267) based on character portrayed in Captain's Log: Pike (IDW 2015)

Mahé Thaissa as J. M. Colt (c. 2267) based on character portrayed in Captain’s Log: Pike (IDW 2015)

The fully immersive and interactive 360-degree experience allows fans to navigate all filmed locations on the Starship Enterprise as shown in

The fully immersive and interactive 360-degree experience allows fans to navigate all of the Starship Enterprise’s filmed locations as depicted in “The Cage” and interact with the ship’s environment as if they were aboard the real ship in the year 2254 during this period. episode.

Featured for the first time, stunning holographically captured recreations of scenes from Star Trek's early television, literary and film history

Featured for the first time, stunning holographically captured recreations of scenes from Star Trek’s early television, literary and film history

OTOY, Inc. (PRNewsFoto/OTOY Inc.)

OTOY, Inc. (PRNewsFoto/OTOY Inc.)



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