Photo essay: YOUTH: Friends and Growth by Headb0rn Studios.



True friendship has no age, however, there is no doubt that youth spawns a special kind of bond.
“YOUTH: Friends and Growth” is a visual project that explores the journey of life with friends, the memorable experiences we create, and how those experiences shape us and ultimately help us grow.

The question that comes to our mind is “how can we create an image that truly and empathetically reflects the essence and emotional undertones of a young friendship?” We sought to find an answer to this question by creating a visual narrative of a group of cohabiting friends interacting in multiple scenarios in and around the apartment they share. Our research resulted in a set of tender and loving images set in a dreamy landscape at the top of the chaos that is Lagos.

Young black men are often pressured to be tough and measured by criteria of toxic masculinity that hinder long-term emotional growth. Our goal for this project is to represent young love among black boys and to show black boys around the world that their love is valid and beautiful.

Photography – Ruby Okoro
Style direction by Nezodo & Cosmas
Art Direction and Creative Direction – Headb0rn Studios.

All clothing is provided by Maxivive.

Written by Nasir Ahmed.


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