POETRY | Chaotic loops | South Seattle Emerald

by Indigo Mays

Curly hair strands rolled up as soft as possible
refuse my request to lie on my head today.
Combs, creams, creams and conditioners all try to reason
with hair,
But the curly, coiled strands of hair are still trying to touch the sky.

Curly hair strands rolled up as soft as possible
are pushed picked and caressed,
by onlookers whose wandering hands end up
where they shouldn’t be.

Curly hair strands rolled up as soft as possible
descended from the elegant excellence who loved their rebellious curls.
Their curly crowns were worn as fine jewelry for the wealthy,
But the spectators saw this pride and forced the curls to become
silky straight.
Elegant excellence was forced to hide their curls,
as I cry in agony to get my curls laid like everyone else’s.

Curly hair strands rolled up as soft as possible
Perhaps often turbulent troubles,
but in its natural state, true beauty can be seen.

To strands of curly hair rolled up as soft as possible;
I love every little curl with all my heart,
please never change or be like others, oh so pretty you are.

Indigo Mays (she) is a high school student and an aspiring journalist with an interest in law. She found her voice through writing and enjoys sharing her work with others.

📸 Featured image: original photo by marianarodr/Nappy.co; edited by the Emerald team.

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