Poetry charged with emotion

Saif-u-Rehman Saifi collects a wide range of varied emotions related to love and manifests them in the form of a long poem in his collection of poetry “Rait ke Seerian”. His love is intense and it is just as intense when he enjoys the company of his beloved, or when she is miles away.

His poetry also speaks of grief, joy and longing. The panorama of the poet is vast, so his words will transport you through a wide range of emotions and sensations. These poems are about timeless love, which is everywhere, and it’s up to us to reach out to it.

The poet speaks of beauty but reminds us that it is only a superficial and temporary aspect. This is why he gives us various analogies referring to different types of love and beauty. For example, a pleasant memory is beautiful because it makes us relive an enriching experience.

I enjoyed ‘Rait ke Seerian’ because it not only maintains the essence of love and desire, but also is full of wisdom. Through the pages of this book, we can feel the call of our soul seeking to express itself freely. Moreover, we can see love in everything around us. ‘Rait ke Seerian’ is a collection of poetry written over a period of years. Imbued with a sense of melancholic nostalgia, The Poem takes you back to your teenage years, a time of first crushes, first loves, first hugs and so much more. There’s a yearning for mutual love that seeps through the pages while portraying the downsides of heartbreak and one-sided love. The poet focuses on themes of loss, betrayal, and the resilient spirit of the human heart, which continues to yearn for love despite countless heartaches and dysfunctional relationships.

Filled with evocative descriptions and beautiful language, “Rait ke Seerian” offers a haunting walk through the poetic forests of love. Nature sketches accompany most of the book’s romantic lines.

Saifi listens very carefully to her inner voice and transforms it into poetry. His poetry exalts the beauty of everything around us. He bares his soul with beautifully written, flowing verses that strike a chord in your heart and take you on a lifetime’s journey lived through worship.

Every line in this book feels personal in such a way that you can’t help but relate to anecdotes from your own life. This poetry is definitely not mediocre. There is a depth that is not present in lesser collections. ‘Rait ke Seerian’ struck me deeply. A perfect book to read throughout the seasons, preferably at home or in your favorite café, with a pleasant piece of music playing in the background. This is a definite recommendation for those who enjoy reading deep and meaningful poetry.

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