Poetry: Decasia | South Seattle Emerald

by Patheresa Wells

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—Cynthia “Mama” Green, The Publisher’s Mama & Rainmaker 

There is nothing that smells good or pleases the palate here.
This poem is all that is thrown away,
put aside,

There is no recovery of its parts.
No recycling in
Another thought,
Another day.

This poem sucks.
Not the kind your nose would like to linger on:
the funk of sex. Dried milk
on a mother’s breast.

No, it’s rancid. An open cracked ulcer
when you come to create
but I have nothing to say.

This poem is neither very long nor wordy.
You try to tell yourself it’s compost,
fertilizer for another truth.
But no matter how far you dig, all you find
is zero.

Well Patheresa is a poet, writer and storyteller who lives in SeaTac, Washington. Born to a black mother and a Persian father, her experiences as a multicultural child shaped her desire to defend and amplify her community. She is currently attending Highline College in Des Moines. Follow her on Twitter @PatheresaWells.

📸 Featured Image: Original photo by Roman Mikhailiuk/Shutterstock.com; image editing by Emerald staff.

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