Poetry is an innate quality – Turfloop poet

POLOKWANE – Sepedi poet Karabo ‘Karamel’ Bopape (22) of Turfloop thinks no one ever wakes up and decides to be a poet. “Poetry is an innate quality. You usually discover it within yourself,” she said.

She told BONUS that being a poet is not just a label, but a label with many connotations attached to it as she sometimes mixes poetry with other African languages.

Poet Sepedi Karabo ‘Karamel’ Bopape is a strong supporter of his culture.

“Poetry acts as a bridge for me, it connects me to my wandering thoughts. It gives me the flow I need in life, the purpose of expression in my mother tongue because I am a strong believer in culture and tradition. I believe poetry is the smartest form of expression, especially when you recite it in a language you feel comfortable in.

Bopape is also a mentor and art teacher at a local school in Turfloop as well as the founder of Karamel Entertainment, Turfscoop and Turflooo Arts and Music Awards.

With her poetry session competitions, she won the Goddess of the Mic and Poetry Africa open mic Awards in 2021, Indoni Miss Cultural SA finalist 2022/23 and Women’s Poetry Representative for Limpopo Colleges in East London this year.

“I write and recite poetry in my mother tongue because I am more comfortable expressing my thoughts in Sepedi. My love for poetry makes me formulate my thoughts in a poetic form. Poetry is a beautiful art where you can share your work with thousands of other people who share the love of poetry with you.

Bopape has performed and recited her poetry at events in Polokwane and her latest was at the Have a Finisher’s Attitude women’s empowerment event at the Library Gardens Auditorium last month.

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