“Poetry is the shortest path between two human beings” for the poet David Goudreault



At this year’s 73rd Frankfurt Book Fair, which is the largest gathering of publishing industry professionals in the world, Canada is presented as the fair’s guest of honor. As part of the cultural events and programming around this year’s Canadian selection, CBC Arts presents Poetry on the Mainstage, a series of poetic performances by three Canadian poets who unflinchingly examine their innermost feelings and, at the same time , face the world in all its complexity.

In this edition, award-winning social worker, novelist and poet David Goudreault performs his poem Deworm the absolute. Watch her performance in the video above and read the poem below.

For Goudreault, poetry is a visceral language of connection and expression. “For me, poetry is the shortest path between two human beings,” Goudrealt explains in an interview originally conducted in French. “For me, poetry is very visceral because my poetry is much more introspective, much more intimate. This is probably where I reveal myself the most.”

“Poetry is very effective in finding the gist of what you have to say within you and quickly reaching the people you are talking to. The more we are anchored in our language, in our cultural references, in our piece of land, the more people from elsewhere can see themselves there. “

David Goudreault plays for Poetry on the Mainstage. (CBC Arts)

Deworm the absolute

By David Goudreault

My heart beat
My head

Huge perennial oracle
I admire you collapsing and giddy
The universe is less beautiful than you
It’ll hang in the orbit

There will be ugly seconds
Ugly like clean pick-ups
Residential developments
Harmless news reports
And the loss of a doggie

You have to aspire through the heart
Expire through time
Between the two
The breath

My heart beat
My head


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