Purdys Chocolatier’s best-kept secret: women power its business

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Purdys Chocolatier is delighted to announce that the power behind its innovative chocolate confections is predominantly female!

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Purdys Chocolatier announces with great pleasure that the power behind its innovative chocolate confectionery is predominantly female!

Women represent less than 50%1 of the Canadian labor force as a whole. However, Canada’s highly regarded Purdys Chocolatier is proud to have made huge strides in employing and empowering women, with 80% of its 1,100 employees being women. Purdys would like to use International Women’s Day to celebrate its incredible female workforce that inspires the company to do better and improve every day.

Sixty-three percent of Purdys executives are women, which speaks volumes about Purdys’ commitment to workforce equality across the organization. Women are also at the forefront of every aspect of Purdys’ internal operations: 65% of Purdys’ Factory Kitchen employees are women and make up 87% of store teams.

“I’m extremely proud of everything our company has accomplished, but what I’m most proud of is our team. We wouldn’t be the chocolatier we are without having the most exceptional people on our side,” said Kriston Dean, Vice President, Merchandising and Marketing, Purdys Chocolatier. “We respect and support all of our team members, but we need to take a moment to recognize the remarkable women behind our company, the women who go to great lengths to create the most delicious chocolates and experiences for our customers. Purdys Chocolatier couldn’t do it without them! Not only is our CEO female, 63% of our management team are female, 80% of our entire Purdys team is powered by women, including our outlets, warehouse, factory kitchen, IT, quality assurance . And our chocolatier is also a woman! says Dean.

Last year, Purdys CEO Karen Flavelle received the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award, recognizing the top CEOs of 2019. Flavelle has successfully led the company through tumultuous times where the retail environment has been disrupted by store closures. Purdys defied the odds and continued to open additional outlets across Canada.

Purdys also received a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award recognizing the company as one of the best places to work in 2020. These awards are particularly meaningful to the company as they are a direct result of reviews left by current and former members. Staff. Perhaps a female-dominated business is the secret ingredient to being one of the best places to work.

“’Empowered women empower women’. I think that we, the women who occupy decision-making positions at the highest level, have more responsibility to fight for equality because we can make our voice heard that much more. Many of our employees stay with Purdys for many years. In fact, 21 of the 25 longest-serving employees are women. It tells me that we’ve created a place where women feel empowered, comfortable and that’s really important to us at Purdys,” says Kriston Dean, Vice President, Merchandising and Marketing, Purdys Chocolatier.

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Purdys is a Canadian family business founded in 1907 by Richard Carmon Purdy in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company believes the reason for its more than 110 years of success is due to the incredible women who stand by its side. On International Women’s Day, Purdys wants to honor the female members of its team who work in jobs traditionally held by men.

About Purdys Chocolatier (purdys.com):

Purdys Chocolatier was founded in 1907 in Vancouver by Richard Carmon Purdy. With over 80 stores across the country, Purdys is Canada’s go-to destination for chocolate flavors and innovative gifts. Purdys chocolates are made daily in their factory kitchen in Vancouver, using only the freshest ingredients sourced from around the world. Every confection at Purdys uses sustainable cocoa, ensuring that their cocoa farming partners and cooperatives are supported by programs that improve their profits and the livelihoods of their families and communities. Bestsellers include Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels, Hedgehogs, Sweet Georgia Browns and Toffee.

1Statistics Canada, “Table 14-10-0327-01: Labor force characteristics by sex and detailed age group, annual”, (2020).

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