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“Honesty is the best policy,” is an adage adults might not follow, but if you’re talking about kids, on the other hand, honesty is what you get. Brutal honesty if one may add. Proving the same is a college student who was asked what marriage is on a test, and his brutally honest answer earned him no points, but the essay went viral.

A Student’s Brutally Honest Essay on Marriage

An essay written by a student on the subject of marriage is making the rounds of the internet. As posted by a Twitter user, during the social studies test, Velu, a college student, wrote an essay defining marriage. And he did. But the essay was so brutally honest that it earned him zero points out of ten. Honesty definitely doesn’t get you good grades.

The photo of the answer sheet has gone viral on the internet. Interestingly, the student thinks the marriage happens when the girl’s parents tell her, “You are a great woman now. We can no longer feed you. You better go find a man who will start feeding you,” as he wrote in the test.

The student continued and wrote, “And the girl met a man whose parents are shouting at her to get married. Please, you are now a great man. Both test each other and become happy (sic). »

The essay ends with a remark that reads “and start messing around to have kids”. The teacher didn’t seem overly amused by the essay, unlike Twitter, and ended up scoring it a zero out of ten and leaving a note that read “look at me.” Talk about getting in trouble.

The essay got the ROFL on the internet

The tweet obviously went viral and people can’t stop laughing. A user shared an image to complete the trial.

Another user was unhappy with the rating. They wrote, “Zero? Seriously! The child deserves at least 5 points for writing the truth in most cases in India.”

It’s funny… and I had a good laugh. Then it occurred to me that perhaps such disillusionment would be more appropriate at an older age.” added another.

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