Students rewarded for an anti-violence poetry competition



LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) – Dozens of eighth grade students at Lexington Traditional Magnet School have returned home with books and clothes for participating in the “We are ONE anti-violence poetry and writing competition “from One Lexington.

Local clothing store Oneness has partnered with the town to provide gifts for students.

The Grade 8 English class of Lexington Traditional Magnet (LTMS) teacher Sarah Thorton, aged 13, 14 and 15, was invited to write about her experiences and feelings about violence in Lexington.

“It’s a lot worse if you don’t get shot because now you have to live with it, and it hurts,” student Wilson Bronson wrote.

Lexington Police are investigating 29 homicides so far this year. This is on the way to surpassing the record set by the city in 2020. Mayor Linda Gorton launched the “One Lexington” initiative to fight violence, especially among young people.

The goal is to tackle deep trauma and prevent violence before it starts.

“It’s not normal to lose friends to gun violence and to hear gunshots every night and if we can make them really believe that and talk about that and be active and be part of the solution , I believe in the long term and maybe even the short term, it will help reduce violence, ”said Director Devine Carama.

Poetry gave students a way to express their pain and frustration. The gifts they received on Wednesday were to celebrate their efforts.

“There is not a single button you press to stop the violence. It is literally a game of all hearts, all hands on the pitch and so for us, we think about ways of prevention. don’t want to wait for someone to be shot, ”Carama said.


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