Tagore’s Works Inspire ‘Poetry Meets Music’ Masterpiece ‘Dohey’ | Bengali movie news



Fear of the pandemic has forced many people to stay indoors since last year, when there are people who have embraced the current scenario so that life can go on. So many musicians have also tried to create more and work more despite the pandemic and interdisciplinary artist Satyajit Biswas is no exception either. Satyajit, known for his ability to create magic across a vast repertoire of musical genres with his moving recitation, hasn’t let the pandemic put a stop to his creativity.

Now he has come up with another interesting creation “poetry meets music”. Satyajit teamed up with Bangladeshi artist Aditi Sadia Rehman for a rendition of poetry titled “Dohey” based on some of Rabindranath Tagore’s remarkable works musically mastered by none other than Kalyan Sen Barat. The cultural aesthetic of Bangladesh and India, specifically Bengal, has always led to some of the iconic musical masterpieces and continues to build a legacy. The latest collaboration of Satyajit and Aditi will surely be added to it.

Sharing his point of view on this current trend of the meeting between poetry and music, Satyajit explained: “Great poems and emotions must be conveyed to the masses through my voice … This is my job, my passion. and my love … Fortunately, I have received positive responses and love from many people, there is nothing more for me to accomplish This continued love and support has been a major influence behind my work. I would like to receive more love from my viewers and improve my potential in the future. ”

Satyajit is known for his more than 75 extraordinary poetic productions which have been awarded over the years. His innovative research-based contributions in recitation have garnered a lot of attention. Among the few notable musical works, ‘Mone Rekho’, India’s first Bengali language recitation film, is still considered one of the best. Instead of dialogues, this film used poetic lyrics by Satyajit. Along with the recitation, he also starred in this film and received praise. Apart from this, the musical ‘Pujar saaj’ with Alokananda Roy was also praised by all.


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