The 14th edition of ‘LaLitTana’ brings together the poets of the Indian Ocean

The 14th edition of the Indian Embassy in Antananarivo’s literary event, ‘LaLitTana’, was held online on January 28, 2022, with the theme ‘Ocean’. Poets from all Indian Ocean countries, namely Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Reunion (France), India, Kenya, Comoros, Maldives, Zanzibar and Seychelles read their poems on this occasion.

During the literary event, the Malagasy poet Andrea Lalatiana, known by her pseudonym ‘Antigone’, opened the reading with her two poems, one of which read: ”He arrived suddenly, like an unexpected guest without knocking at the door / he took everything with him / the brownish ocean, the cyclone.” Sukrita Paul Kumar, a poet, born and raised in Kenya, narrated a poem about her journey from Mombasa to Bombay on a boat.

Other poets who read at the event included Indran Amirthanayagam from Sri Lanka, Umar Timol from Mauritius, Ibrahim Waheed ‘Ogaru’ from the Maldives, Malavika Vyawahare from Reunion (France), Sonnet Mondal from India, Packiyanathan Ahilan of Sri Lanka and Nassor Hilal. Kharusi from Zanzibar. The host of the event and poet-diplomat Abhay K. closed the session by reading the poems of Mab Elhad, poet from Comoros and Linda Hoareau, from Seychelles, as well as his own poem “Ocean” and the first stanzas of his delivered. poem ‘Monsoon’. (ANI)

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